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UK Global Handwashing Day Activities

2012's – Global Handwashing Day Activities.

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e-Bug hand hygiene Challenge

Within schools, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections are a major cause of childhood illness however it has been proven that washing hands with soap can reduce diarrhoea by 42% - 47% and that hand washing is important in the prevention of acute respiratory infection.

The Brief

e-Bug has teamed up with School Councils, UK to set a nationwide Hand Hygiene Challenge where schools taking part can also break a Guinness World Record. At 10am on Global Handwashing Day 2012 schools across the UK will be participating in a simultaneous fun and interactive hand hygiene lesson plan set by the e-Bug team. Visit to find out more.

radox qm lshtm image LSHTM Logo Queen Mary University of London Logo radox image Dirty Money

This year, Radox has teamed up with Global Handwashing Day and two partner universities, Queen Mary University of London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, to explore the hygienic nature of your currency. Teams of scientists will travel throughout London and across the UK to gather data on the types and levels of bacteria found on your money.

The Brief

Scientists and students will be swabbing in 10 London-based locations, plus Birmingham and Liverpool, while asking the public about their hygiene habits. The results may provide a greater insight into the nature of community-spread pathogen transmission and prove that your mother may have been right when she said, “don’t put that money in your mouth, it’s dirty!”.

radox  Sainsbury's and Unilever logos unilever logo sainsbury's image radox image Radox and Sainsbury’s Promotion Stands

Raising the profile of GHD is crucial to spreading our message. This year, the GHD coalition has teamed up with Radox and Sainsbury’s to promote the cause of handwashing with soap at hygiene promotion stands throughout Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

You can expect discounts on Radox handwashing products; to read about GHD in the Sainsbury;s magazine; an email if you are on the Sainsbury’s Nectarbase; badges and leaflets to take home and promotional material around the store. Look out for the booths below!

Radox / Sainsburys Global handwashing day 2012 promotional stand

edugames4all logoGHD Games

edugames4all contains educational games that focus on reinforcing issues pertinent to health in an engaging and fun way. Two of the games, GHD Game and Bugs War, are aimed at creating awareness about the importance of hygiene in general and importance of hand washing in particular. Visit to find out more.

goldenpooawards logoGolden Poo Awards
Infectious Films
The Golden Poo Awards – Call for Infectious Films Now in its third season, The Golden Poo Awards uses thought-provoking art and media to raise awareness of the scandalous lack of sanitation and proper disposal in the developing world and how good hand washing worldwide can save lives.Previous Golden Poo Awards have been for animated films and stand-up comedy.

This year, in association with the London Short Film Festival, we held a competition to create a film that gets the message across about the importance of good sanitation and hygiene practice, in the most catchy, emotive, funny or ‘infectious’ way.

We have 11 shortlisted films which will shortly be viewed by our panel of judges, and the Number 1 and Number 2 winners will be announced on 1st October 2012.